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Bob has been in business for more than 35 years.  One of his best cuisine is his pizza.  Generous toppings and secret sauce makes this one of the best pizza’s on the market.  The good news is that we now offer pizza/food delivery.  Delivery is limited to online orders!

Our delivery policy is a 5 mile radius of the restaurant.  Do we have an exact map with a big circle outlining this area? No!

We have recently started promoting our pizza’s more due to customer demand and opinion.  When customers say that something is the best, you have to listen to them and assume that their opinion is why your in business.

Next time you order pizza, give us a try.  You’ll love the generous toppings.  It is a meal rather than a snack like most.

For online order visit our website.  For reservations, catering, banquet or carry-out call (636) 220-8989.  Of course you can order your carry-out online as well.  Order online, pay online.  It’s that simple!

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Happy Holidays!