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Happy New Year from Candicci’s Restaurant and Bar.

Well, it’s here, like it or not – 2016!  We wish a happy and prosperous 2016 for everybody.

Now that the parties and celebrations are over, it’s back to the routine of work, busy schedules, school events, etc. and the normal responsibility of feeding your family and fitting it into your busy routine.

We have been serving some of the best pizza in St Louis for 35 years.  Recently, we started to delivery the best pizza in St Louis within a 5 mile radius of our restaurant.

You can order online, pay online and request either delivery or pickup.  It’s that simple.  Just like the big guys, except our pizza is the best in town.

Our pizza’s are loaded with toppings, unlike the discount pizzerias.  We give you what you pay for.  Our toppings are the highest quality and our sausage is a special Italian sausage to enhance the flavor of our cuisines.

Give us a call and try the best pizza in St Louis.  You won’t get tired of our generous toppings.  Our pizzas are full of flavor, spicy and hot!

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